Our founder is a law student, who as time went on found it increasingly difficult to take notes for her degree. She realised there was limited guidance from the university and no online resources to help her. There was no stationery company catering for our needs. Firstly, she would spend time formatting her notes and then she would struggle to organise and keep the notes together once completed. After speaking to other students, across different subjects, she realised that she wasn’t alone. So many of us were struggling with the same problem! 

So she founded a club… The Notier Club! 

This club was founded with one person in mind… You! Our products are designed by a research team specialising in your subject area. Our stationery will increase your efficiency and motivation to study. We believe in our product and its aid to help your education and we also believe in aiding women’s education, that’s why 10% of all profits are donated to this cause through the Malala Fund.

Change the way you take your notes and it will change the way you study

Message from the Founder

Hey! Thank you so much for taking the time to read more about us. I’m a student, like you, who loves stationery. I knew the industry was missing something when I couldn’t find something designed specifically for me as a student and then my idea for The Notier Club was born. Through our templates and custom notepads, I hope you can find a new love for your studies. I’ve worked so incredibly hard on building this little business but I just want to shout out my amazing dad (who didn’t believe in my business idea initially but still pushed me) for helping me through the lows and guiding me- basically his great!

To you all- Believe In yourself. You’ve got this and you are going to get that degree.

Xo Ammarah

What are we into?

inclusivity / diversity / charity / self-acceptance / friendship / supporting others / positive vibes / motivation