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Gift Ideas for a Student

Let’s talk about gifts. Honestly, how many of us dread Birthdays, Christmas and other occasions as we don’t know what to get! Well don’t worry, we’re here to help.

  1. Stationery– Call us biased, but every single student loves stationery. What excuse does a student need to stay organised, to have a pretty note taking template or to have a fresh pencil case. The beauty about our stationery is you can tailor your gifts to suit the students subject (and they look stunning too).
  2. Spa Weekend– All students work incredibly hard and I can confirm that stress levels are usually through the roof. What’s better than a spa weekend for you and your girls (post Covid of course). A fun day out to distract any student and give them the pampering that they deserve.
  3. iTunes Gift Card– I know this one sounds super basic, but how many times has a student said “that app would be so good, but I am not paying for that.” Notability, Good Notes, ProCreate and so many more require a fee and it would be so lovely to send one of these apps to a student.
  4. Lounge Wear / Gym Clothes- All students can never have enough clothes- not to mention gym and lounge wear. I think we go through them faster than we have time to wash them.
  5. Amazon Echo– What’s better than saying “Alexa, what’s the definition of…” I think every student would benefit from having a handsfree device to aid their essays, answer their questions, provide them with entertainment and play their music from. I think I gifted all my friends an Amazon Echo last year!
  6. Flowers– Gifting your girls flowers is always a great shout! They brighten up the room and make everything smell and feel so magical.

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