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Totally Random, but I just wanted to express the power of manifestation into a blog post. Don’t get me wrong, I work incredibly hard, we’re talking long hours, sleepless nights, lack of social life to bring my business to life, but I believe wholeheartedly that my business is going to work and that it’s going to change the way so many students study!

I recall last year, before the launch, my family members were trying to convince me not to buy too much stock. “Will this business even work?” “It’s never been done before!” But I kept reassuring everyone as I knew in my heart that The Notier Club will be a success, as it’s built on innovation, individuality and love.

Anyway, let’s dive more into the manifestation- the juicy bit that I know you’re all waiting for.

My top tips are to not only speak your success and ideas into existence, but to write them down. We have a whiteboard in the studio and my dad and I write our monthly goals on here and discuss them with each other out loud. We discuss our visions with so much excitement and aspiration! We say to each other “when this happens..” because we both really believe in everything we put into the business.

Secondly, my best friend bought me a little rant booklet for my birthday (each page has silly little quotes on them like ‘get your anger out hun’), and honestly it’s been the best thing ever. I write down anything negative I am feeling or any anxious feelings that I have. As a business owner, things are always popping up (that’s a whole other blog post in itself) so once I’ve written it all down, and gone into every single little detail possible, I rip the page out, scrunch it up and throw it in the bin. This is the technique I use to keep away any negative vibes as I’m all about keeping a good, healthy mindset! Replace those negative thoughts with Positive vibes onlyyy hunss <3

Next, you need to surround yourself with people who support your dreams. All my friends and family put up with me talking about my business all the time, but they never tell me to stop. They listen to me, give me advice, support and allow me to openly discuss everything with them. This is a form of manifestation as you’re discussing your dreams and plans openly. My dreams have now become my families dreams and it is honestly the best feeling ever. If you always believe good things are about to happen, then you will receive what you put out into the universe.

Now let’s talk about Gratitude. This is super important! Every morning when I wake up, I feel so thankful to be living my dream and running my amazing company. I feel grateful for each one of you for supporting my unique ideas and business and helping me raise money for the Malala Fund- a cause I feel so passionately about. I have a never ending list of what I’m grateful for, but I speak them out loud daily as it’s a great way to reflect and stay aligned with our morals.

Overall, if you believe in yourself, it will happen for you. Remember, you are the ONLY YOU! And that is your unique selling point. So manifest the heck out of your dream life xxx

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