NEW Tamra’s Notes- Anatomy Textbook


New and improved, Tamra’s Notes – Anatomy Textbook.

An undergraduate’s guide to Human Anatomy! Written and illustrated by @tamras_notes. We are obsessed with how easy and understandable the textbook is and we’re so excited to support another female student’s hard work.

269-page A5, hardback book giving a clear, concise, hand drawn overview of human anatomy at an undergraduate level.

Chapters included:

Chapter 1 : The Thorax

Chapter 2 : The Upper Limb

Chapter 3 : The Lower Limb

Chapter 4 : The Neck

Chapter 5 : The Back

Chapter 6 : The Abdomen

Chapter 7 : The Head

Chapter 8 : The Pelvis

Each chapter includes the relevant osteology, muscles, organs, and vasculature. This book is designed to simplify large amounts of anatomical information, and whilst all drawings are my own property, the information accompanying them is a collation of a variety of sources credited both at the back and front of the book. This book is designed to aid revision and learning but it should not be solely relied on to pass any course, and instead should be used to compliment other resources.

10% of all profits are donated to women’s education!

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